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Car sponsorships take hard work and dedication. The vast majority of people who are in the car sponsorship market do not do it to make money. In many cases, it takes a lot of money to get to the level where a company will give you a second look, much less consider you for a sponsorship. More often than not, there are contractual obligations, and it is not a free ride. Those who get discouraged will suggest that you need to know somebody. We're here to help level the playing field by making car sponsorship information available to all.

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  • Scout Opportunities wants you to keep that in mind as you browse our site. While there are car sponsorship placement services to be found, not everyone walks away with their dream deal. Those services do provide an alternative, but the car sponsorship veterans will tell you that it's the hard work and dedication that will get you to the finish line. exists to help make your work easier.

Here you will find car sponsorship information and contact information in the DIY Car Sponsorships area. The information you will obtain as a member will greatly increase your chances of getting a car sponsorship by providing you with information that many other sponsor seekers may not have. If you would like to become a member, please click here.

The owner of has experience running one of the most popular car sponsorship assistance sites online until it was sold. Under the terms of the non-competition contract, a new site could not be available to the sponsorship seeking public until now. During that time and prior to the sale, the owner has worked on various other automotive web site projects and has done business online for over a decade.

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