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Press Release 01.02.08


Car Sponsorships Are Hard Work. Makes it Easier!

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) January 1, 2008 - The automotive aftermarket and performance parts industry is booming thanks, in large part, to car sponsorships. But, what does it take to get a sponsorship?

It takes a lot of hard work. Sponsorships do not come easy to most people. Several factors limit the chances of obtaining a sponsorship, including lacking experience and not having the industry contacts. Many times, just getting your foot in the door is the most important step in obtaining a car sponsorship.

Why get your car sponsored? A car sponsorship could mean thousands of dollars worth of high performance or show quality aftermarket automotive products. Why do companies sponsor cars? Sponsorships allow companies to get their names out there.

Think about the thousands of people who go to car shows. Now, imagine your parts are on an award winning car in front of those thousands of people. Those thousands of people are potential customers and that exposure could translate into big bucks. Automotive aftermarket part sales is a growing, multibillion dollar a year industry.

So, how hard is it to get your car sponsored? Sites like make it much easier by providing valuable information and industry contacts. A little more knowledge than the next guy can take you far. A lot of knowledge will take you to the finish line!

Realizing the need to provide a common ground for people just getting started in the automotive sponsorship industry and those who are seasoned vets, rose to meet the demand. Members can find valuable information and industry contacts, which helps level the playing field.


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